Welcome to the World of PAACHN: A Letter From Our Founder

When we first incubated the idea to start PAACHN in 2017, we knew it was the start of a creative adventure. 

I had been looking for ways to change our experience with clothing. Most clothing is purchased, used, and then discarded. I wanted to humanize it. I wanted to give each clothing item a story, so people would keep each piece longer.

I wanted to use clothing to build connections and empathy. 

I continued to mull over it.

It was a newborn fall in Seattle when I came across a painting that captured my imagination: ‘LV Supreme’ Aerosol on Wood. I loved the simplicity; Louis Vuitton and Supreme logos wrapped around a spray paint can – it captured an aesthetic that felt right for PAACHN. 

It did not take long to discover that the creator was Campbell La Pun, a fantastic stencil artist from Tokyo. I reached out to say hello, and it sparked something. Campbell was interested in collaborating with us.

It was 2017, and all I had was a vision. To turn this vision into reality, we would have to create a brand, design a technical blazer from scratch, find a way to attach cool artwork to our clothing, and digitize the entire experience. 

It takes time and some trial and error to get a project going. It took PAACHN years to get our act together. It was early 2020 when we were finally ready to launch our first story. Unfortunately, the world was about to shut down because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Our whole process was disrupted. The world changed.
We decided not to give up and returned to the drawing board. 

It’s been three years since then.

PAACHN (pronounced “pa-shen”) is a technical apparel brand that inspires human connection through creative storytelling. Our mission is to humanize clothing through stories that inspire you to live a life realized.

Our philosophy is simple: Learn, Express, Do Good, and live with passion!  

If you constantly search for adventure and experiences to feed your imagination, PAACHN is for you.

Inspiration lives next to you, and inspirational people don’t have to be famous or own billion-dollar companies. Instead, the most inspiring people are unafraid to defy stereotypes and live their wildest dreams. 

Those are the stories we want to share with you.

​​Every story worth telling starts with an obstacle. Our obstacle was launching one month before the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on lockdown. We could have given up back then when we were forced to shut down our operations. But we didn’t because we believe our story is worth telling. 

We spent the past few years re-evaluating our strategy, finding new suppliers, and developing new products. And now we’re ready. 

We want to create a better alternative to lifeless clothes.

We want every PAACHN piece to inspire connection. 

And we want you to live life on your terms. We want you to live with passion!