Featured Artist: Campbell La Pun

Campbell La Pun lets his artwork speak for itself, but if you ever get to meet him you realize there is a natural depth to his thinking. Campbell is inspiring, patient, and talented, he is a true creative mind.  

La Pun is known for his pop-art aesthetic. His energy and excitement bring his art to life.  Campbell enjoys transforming luxury brands, famous people, and iconic fashion brands into artistic expression.  Campbell mostly uses stencils and spray paint to form his creations, and brings together inspiration from pop art and street art, within the context of modern culture and contemporary trends.  

You can find his art in private collections around the world.  His art has been collected by Moët Hennessy, Kylie Jenner and Mel B (Spice Girls).  He has won several awards including the Stencil Art Prize Finalist 2014-2017 and he was a 2013 Lethbridge Gallery 10000 Finalist.

Campbell La Pun working in his studio


Before his art career adventure, Campbell worked full-time in the corporate world, insuring high-rise, high asset value buildings in and around Melbourne.  His exposure to corporate life seems to have authentically carried over to his art.  Campbell's Art explores many subjects including commercialism and he often repeats images like the spray cans, bananas, and multi-million and billion-dollar brands.   You can check out more of his artwork at lapun.com.

Past Collections


'The Boxer'

PAACHN worked with Campbell for our first story release.  We think Campbell came up with an image that not only illustrates his artistic talents, but delves into Campbell's artistic influences.  To learn more about the story behind the image and to learn more about Campbell check out 'The Boxer' apparel collection.  Each piece of clothing comes with your own private content that creatively tells the story behind the image.

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