A Message to Our Community

As urgent demand for personal protective equipment continues to intensify across the country, PAACHN has moved quickly to scale production of a general-use cloth face mask.

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not to wear a face mask in public. The current consensus appears clear: a cloth covering over your nose and mouth is likely to reduce risk. We have you covered!

PAACHN's washable, adjustable face mask will enable you to DO GOOD with style when you are out in public (for essential trips only, please!). The face mask also gives you access to PAACHN's 'The Boxer' Connected Wear Experience. 

Our face mask is developed for personal use and is not a medical-grade mask. If you require extra protection, our mask can be worn over a medical-grade mask to add a little style. If our face mask is not your thing and you wish to make your own, here is a short video that shows you how to make a mask from simple household items. Whichever mask you choose, please be safe and wear a mask in public - just not an N95. Leave those for medical professionals.       

As part of our commitment to donate 1% of our 2020 revenues to Artist Trust, for every face mask purchased, PAACHN will donate $5 to the Artist Trust COVID-19 fund. You can learn more about Artist Trust here.

We will launch our Connected Wear Face Mask as early as next week, and given the current need, our goal is to make as many units as possible, while scaling quickly and responsibly.

As part of our DO GOOD mission, putting our resources to work to solve product challenges quickly, reflects our brand's purpose-driven culture. Empathy is the currency of the future.

Be curious, be adventurous, BE SAFE, and always live w/ PAACHN!